Manchester Lions Elf Express

Find the Elf Contest

November 29th - December 24th 


Starting on BLACK FRIDAY, November 29th, the Manchester Lions Elf Express is conducting a "Find the Elf" contest throughout the Southern Vermont area.  A Christopher or Christina Pop-In-Kins will be hiding in local business, waiting to be found and identified by his or her unique elf number.  Anyone can compete in this contest.  Pick up a form at the Manchester and the Mountains Chamber at 39 Bonnet Street in Manchester or print it from this page (below).  The top 5 winners will be determined by the most elves found.  In the event of a tie, there will be a drawing for 1st through 5th place.  The first place winner will receive a $200 Visa gift card and the next four will each receive a $100 Visa gift card.  The winners will be announced and notified by Friday, January 6th.  There will be a photo taken when the prizes are awarded and a press release will be in the local newpapers.  All completed forms must be put in the drop box at the  Chamber no later than December 31st.  For more information call 802-362-2100 or email us at [email protected].  

Click here for the "Find the Elf" contest form



Visit the participants below.  Either Christopher or Christina Pop-In-Kins is hiding in each one.  They will be appearing from November 29th through December 24th.  Find them and fill in their unique number in the space provided.  Find the most elves and win!  Put your completed form in the drop box at the Manchester and the Mountains Chamber office at 39 Bonnet Street by December 30th.  $600 in Visa gift cards will be awarded.  First place wins $200 and the next 4 winners will each receive $100.  There will be a drawing in the event of a tie. 



STORE NAME                                  ADDRESS                                                           ELF #

The Inn at Willow Pond                        74 Willow Pond Road (Rt 7A), Manchester Center                           ___         

Christmas Days                                    6279 Route 7A, Arlington                                                                              

Equinox Valley Nursery                        Route 7A, Manchester                                                                                   

Sherrie’s Café                                     709 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                          

Casablanca Motel                                 5927 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                          

The Hidden Jewel/Toys in the Attic   4961 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                          

P & F Appliance                                    147 Bonnet Street, Manchester Center                                                         

Pets Etc.                                              609 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                          

Manchester Consignment House          4943 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                          

Mother Myrick’s                                  4367 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                          

The Vermont Bird Place                       48 Center Hill Road, Manchester Center                                                        

Bob’s Diner                                          2279 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                         

Haskin’s Gas                                        69 Vt. Route 30, Manchester Center                                                               

Bromley Mountain Ski Resort              3984 Route 11, Peru                                                                                         

The Magic Sleigh                                4960 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                            

Wood Fired Pizza                               4478 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                             

Pam’s Hair Salon                                 173 Bonnet Street, Suite 4, Manchester Center                                               

Gringo Jack’s                                      5103 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                             

Village Tile                                          685 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                             

The Mountain Goat                             4886 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                             

The Bank of Bennington                      78 Center Hill Road, Manchester Center                                                          

Spiral Press Café                                15 Bonnet Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Maplefield’s                                        5023 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                             

Price Chopper                                     263 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                             

NYDJ Not Your Daughter’s Jeans      58 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                               

New Balance Factory Store                103 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                              

r.k. Miles                                            618 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                              

The Chocolate Barn                            5055 Historic Route 7A, Shaftsbury                                                                 

Season’s Restaurant                          4566 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Northshire Bookstore                       4869 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Long Ago and Far Away                      4963 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Bee’s Hallmark / Wildflowers Florist 4479 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Vermont Carpet                                 342 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Olympia Lodge                                   7259 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                              

American Museum of Fly Fishing       4070 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                              

Manchester View Fine Lodging          77 High Meadow Way, Manchester Center                                                         

Dutton Berry Farm                            2083 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                            

The Works Bakery Café                    13 Riverside Heights, Manchester Center                                                           

Ye Olde Tavern                                  5183 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                               

Nina’s Jewelry                                   241 Depot Street, Manchester Center                                                                

Manchester Power House                   67 Taconic Business Park, Manchester Center                                                    

Heinel’s Clothiers                               4964 Main Street, Manchester Center                                                               







































































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